Pilates with Mary

Mary first tried Pilates to mitigate scoliosis-related back pain. She now uses Pilates as a whole body workout to help strengthen her body to run ultra marathons, lift weights, and move effectively and efficiently through life.


More varied equipment means more ways to help achieve your physical goals; every piece of equipment Joe Pilates designed has a unique purpose. Waterfield Pilates plans to keep adding new pieces of equipment over time.

Baby Chair

Wunda Chair

Ladder Barrel

Tower & Reformer


Balance Body – Contrology line

Mary is a Fully Certified Pilates Instructor & Teacher Trainer

With 10+ years of experience and the following certifications:

I have also trained with and taken workshops with Kathryn Ross-Nash and Katie Yip.

In addition to running my studio in New Paltz, I am the main instructor and manager of the wonderful 94 Pilates in Warwick, and have been since it opened. I also have a small home studio in Cornwall, NY.